I have been a gearhead ever since I started playing. That was because I was always in search of the "perfect tone". Over the years I've owned a lot of equipment while trying to find that right sound. If money and the health of my back were no object, I would have multiple rigs so I could easily get the tones I am looking for. But since money is an object and I don't want to be my chiropractor's best customer, I have to limit my gear to something that is more easily transported. But my pedalboard still weighs around 60 pounds. I have to thank the other guys in the band for helping me carry it.

Over the years I would hear these incredible guitar tones and I would find out what the players were using to get that tone. Whatever it was would usually be incredibly expensive so I would have to find a more affordable substitute. I think I've owned gear from just about every manufacturer out there including Fractal Audio, Kemper, Mesa-Boogie, ADA, Marshall, Line 6, Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Charvel, Schon, Music Man, OLP, Takamine, Seymour Duncan, Peavey, Crate, EMG, Yamaha, Korg, Alesis, TC Electronic, Voodoo Lab, Pedaltrain, Digitech, Roland/Boss, Rockman, Rolls, Dunlop, Rocktron, Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, and probably a few I have forgotten about.

So if you are a gearhead like me, click on the photos below to open the Lightbox where you can see photos of all of my gear. There's even a FOR SALE section where you might find your dream guitar or piece of gear. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just click on the Contact link at the top of any page.


2006 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
1983 Custom Stratocaster
2012 GH Reno Custom Honkytonk (Tele-style)
2015 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro (modified)
2015 Yamaha APX500 III Acoustic/Electric
Other assorted guitars


Fractal Audio AX8 Amp Modeler/Multi-Effects
Two (2) ISP Technologies Vector FS8 Powered Full-Range Monitors


Two (2) Dunlop Volume X Pedals
Digitech Drop Pedal
Dunlop Glass Slide
OSP 32x20 Pedalboard/ATA Flight Case


Apple iMac
Apple Macbook Pro
Apple iPad

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