Steve Lockridge Guitarist Bordertown

Thanks for visiting my web site. I hope you will enjoy the music and information you find here.

I have been playing guitar for 30+ years and I love music - all kinds, as long as it is done well. I have been in a few bands over the years including Rediscover, The Alternative, International News, Nehemiah, and Bordertown.

Nehemiah reformed in October 2015. We are rehearsing old and new material.

The Fender Stratocaster is my favorite guitar. I currently own three Stratocasters. Yes, there are other great guitars out there but for versatility, you can't beat a good ole Strat. If I was in a country band I would play a Telecaster. When I strictly played heavy rock my main guitar was an American-made Jackson Soloist. I also had a Schon NS-6 that was made by Jackson Guitars. I have tried a lot of guitars but nothing fits my playing style like a Fender Stratocaster.